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Nongreek movie reviews -new post /giga size

Written in a tablet with auto-correct off.Sorry for all typos
encountered but spends too much precious time with that

It is a 4 year model named F&U ETB9543 with two core doing the most i need intensof writing editing and surfung so usng my compuer only for heavy tasks  when needed . A text with just 1500 characters can show a delay of about 1 minute caused by the autocorrect operation.Ths is the reason i turned it off. LINK leads to my review on 2014.My texts are more than 45k words or around 250k characters [k=1000]

The movies below have been aired in various TV channels namely Star TV avd Epsilon now renamed  Open TV  whichis the newcomer in after prime time zome , with greek  subtitles. 

Asterix secert of magic potion 18
Can this be a very funnyh movie? Yes it is.Lots of action and many twists make the movie quite funny but ...(spoilers !)
....with chesy dialogues. they are as like the new greek movies that make pressed laugh
...with minimal plot though there are many twists near the end
...with remixes of ideas 'stolen' from othr movies (harry potter and pearce jackson  )
...with sacrilagdes as  using a characeter that seems Jesus who as duid multipies the breads
...with main chaacter a bad druid acting as the evil of the story who is he main character instead of asterix
.. with romans mating with gauls asteric and his partners  against ...
If you  still want to se ethe moviw you can only watch it for the funy gags and newrly terible action. nothing more !
Nevertheless  my daughter and wife loled till the end as I.

movier watched in 3 weeksin TV  : 

-Marauders : a movie that seems rather complex with good cops that are bad and Bruce Willins in a secondary role  . I could not finally understand the reason of this movie< A strange story of Robin Hoods

-In the blood: : I seen the second half of the movie but it was quiote self explanatory. A woman wants to take revvenge against the kidnapping of her spouse . Too much violence and martial arts for bloo scells > I also seen Mr Machete in a very short play Luc beson rocks once again!

-Forgettting sarah :Quite humorous movie. Seen in repeat. The end is more intertesting  3/5

-In time:when time replaces the money and gets as the  key of the human wealth. Once again a movie  codemning arrogance ina bit more scifi story   3/5

-Solace: premioere nov 18  I see your and my death !A man who can see the future and the past meets a serial killer  who redeems people from their life in pain, has  the same charisma untill..... Interestin story  tough a bit macabre. brr 3/5 

-Brooklyn :[ premiere mid oct 19 star ]The movie is of typical high BBC quality movies amde in varuious countries with the best style drssings landacapes and scenes as well good wording in several parts . I was smiling inthe most of the movie with the naivity of the female main atcor though its was referred as 'dramrom' the end was predictable  though ther was a hidden ace
It was aired in 1800 Sunday a  time that also chldren can watch movies rated as 'PG7' (desired PG )  tha gets against the PG13 as noticed in imdb ie by the producer .  There is a love making scene with a bit covered   nudity 4/5

-Suicide squad : the movie is relally vvery bad as its cahracters except the idiot girl who is not only the nicer character but also the most funny . i really wonder on how some write such bad stories 

Denver Subscruber club (or something similar )
Aired in  the national  tv it shows a person who found  the secret  to get rid from HiV using variuous unknown asian medicines in the USA He then promoted is solution to the local market the ptoducts are suposedly un?? from FDA. 
The movie is rather bad if not weird so it  cant be watched in full also the time was rather prohibitive for me Seen around 30 minutes near the middle of the movie  

Gold (new on Oct18 star )
I dont know if the story is true or not but it seemed as real to me . The setup  and the rise of a rather navie person wo was based on the help of a deceiver who ... better  look the movie 

7 spychopaths
Very funny though  too black movie . two crazy men try helping a writer make a story of thse  psychopaths that is designed by the main writer (?)to be as a 'real story' in the movie . craszy scenes  and crazy language. 

Billionaire ransom  new OCi 18 
A typical movie where the gooddies win the badies there are some interesting twists on the end of the movie 

What to expct wehen you are expecting 
Funny romcom with much laughs and problems in the life adn pregnacy  of  3 sucessful women 

Marley and me 
Known actors with a very nice story of a dod since they get him till his end of life . the end was very moving 

Forbidden kingdom 
Mr Jackie Chan and MR Jet Li in a very nice effects  movie with martial arts and excellent landscapes inside a prsemed China . Quality is close to crouching tiger.  

Night of the museum 2 (new oct 18 sstar)
Now the time has come and the statutes and everything other  gets... live! Very funy movie thougth i think it is more naive... 

wild card / joker ft Statham 
One of  the worst movie from Staham You can see him quite vulnerable comapring to trasnsporter and very emotional . there are only a few action scenes . a movie i would nt  like to see it  again 

Gulliver  21th remix 
One very funny and progressive movie that goes in close to our period with phones and todays technology 

red hot tub 2 
I have not seen the first movie but this is terible in any case . Stupid people going ack and forthof the time to find one's envy who was to kill him . Surprisingly he is one's ..nephew who was very jealoous on him after he fucked his wife (!!!)
Whati odont like is that the movie is not only ludicrous but also ridiculous to the extreme level with a 'plot going by  itself' to nowhere  and then joingin some points it makes the circle closing , aslike drawing a  sketch out of points made by a youngster. as like a ....hell broken loose Even moire ludircrus is the final 4 minutes shogn them redesign the past by puting thmselves into the main evernts of the 20th century > I really feel that the writer wanted to redesgin the whole history to his own belief , ie making a total blasphemy to the american history . by a way.. 
Veryu enough to write for this movie 
1/5 and still more than deserved  

Good day to die hard 
One of the movies that Mclane is not so good tough it has much interesting action . I could prefer the 2013 movie with the tech that is even more interesting or sophisitcated 
2.5/5 out of 4/5 action 

London  has fallen. 
 Already forgeten the movie fter nearly onemonth after watching  it inthe TV  this reminds me as a sequel tothe Olyp has fallen a good movie. London contunues the same sagfa with Olymp in the streets of London and a total blackout nearly the same as with Die Hard 2013 while the same mainactor identifies the bad person and stops the total blackout 
3/5 because it progresses much the american patriotism in a diferenrt  country 

47 ronin 
Nice maritial arts wth Keeanu Reeve in Japan  who is the 'bastard' in the movie and also Ronin - excluded shoguns - who then leads the group to gain back a false thing .NIce GCI  and magics from the bad woman of the story 

Secret life of waren bity . ons of the most boring movies i ahve seen  . Mr "NIght in  the museum" speands  a whole movie and posbly  a tour across  rthe whole globe for posting photos of his exprience in various places ,into  internet 

Shawn the sheep movie (?? year )
the designer tem of shawn is always fantastic. Thoufgh aimed for younger children, all stories are always family oriented and make very entertaining episodes> Awards gained  prove thier quality   .This movie gets of the same qiality while ther is a very good plot and story that grabs you in the screen for all the timed it plays .This story shows the human boss after a ?? lose his memory and work as barber who makes a original hair design  while the dog and Shawn also were catched by a animal arrester>im not sure which is the year of this movie but i jsut show you part of the plot if someone can advise 
Greatt  CGI no dialogues some funny humor and emetional characters 

Jack reach 
----enf of  thelist--

the  resident 

hIllary Swank moves to a new house after seprating from her friends . The house seems haunted but is not . What happens? 

The movie is getin in between the lines of  and horror though of light version.Thereare several choking scenes The end is predictable.  .Technically it has a relatively slow pace that gtes faster near to the end . The fisrst diclosure is shown very early for us but not for the main actor who becaise of her work (doctor) getts quite late at her appartment Also sometimes  camera is the narrator of the story parts 
Techncal rating 4+/5  ploit and story 3/5 

Railway man 
One of the many stories of the repercussions River Kwai and the WWII . Logan a former soldier with very string wiling personality and his soldier mates still feel the ?? of the war and cannot get maried until he finds his life partner. HIs former sargeant and now frind fnds a articlein a thai newpaper with their torturer  and get to the idea to kill him .But...
The movie is long enough  higly predictable with slow ploting and depicts  Logan's boio in film  as writen by him >ON the end we see some real info on him his wife and the former aJapanese sargeant Dramatization is more intense in the end 
3/5  to 5 on the end 

A simple old batery tansfers the old good robots into good rebels who want to find their destination > A man serves as robot a policeman ands serviceman. 
posibly the worst descrotiop for a rather boring movie which has only intersting backgronf theory : Do the obots deserve to have their life?are they  the furture of humans that can live much more than us? 

Knock knock 
What can happen  if two crazy  girls 'intrude' your house and do crazy games against you,  a person  of hiigh morelity , the time your family is out 
The  movie is quite cruel and shocking It's mostlya psych thriller   ... The girls are near to lethal 

The girl with the  dratgon tatoo
In the sstart is rather deprssing> A highly charismatic girl and hacker is tortured by a man who wants to rape her .But later ...
A jourmalist tries once agin to disclose the serial killer ina very diffult situation more than 40 years ago of a nearly imposisble to disclose pattern of serial killing But ...
One of the most interesting movies i have seen this period as the story unveils everything is disclosed even under very diverse conditions if not lethal 

Georgia rules 
Women strike  back !Grandma ma and daughter unite themselves to cope against the father raper. The story i quite boring in most of its part and gets more interesting  near to the end. 

A fantasy  movie with a continuously recurring  thriller story that once again  ends  from the start. . it seems that they reached   into the Bermuda tiangle where everythng is  posible 

Sabotage: Arnold  in a nonstop  action movie with more than necesary  blood and a mystery theme>Wo really stole the money from the drug companies.  the mvie turns  quite boring afeter sometime

Last Vegas Many well known actors in a  'hangover' movie for the elderlies. Humorous withmany funny quotes and some intersting action untill .... see the movie !I an enjoyed much watchiung it

Siege: Very intereting  story that describes nearly what has happened nearly after 14 year with the hits in Europe frpom  the Oslamic fundementalists. it is quite predictabe in the meaning  that the cores of hitting  are prederernimed though inthe today's realaity it is not! Dialogues overwhelm the action in the movie

Jarhead  3 : a movie  tyhat seems having only pyisical effects  in the today's movie standards.a locla US embassy  is inaded by a local Qiada troop.  The movie is very realistic and has lots of agony and action. 4/5

Confessions of a criminal mind ?Ihav seen the movie without listning to the audioand always being a bit diversed into listning smething diferent . The movie is rather indiferent  to me with some humor and drama together , a readl story as noticed , that shows on how a killer was also a breakthreough person of the trash TV in America. its humor is the typical style  of  Clooney

The day the earth stood still : Lotsd of mdeium level  CGI   in a mve that  seems good but not so good coampring to anote rmovie of the same time wit the same  subject. Keanu reeves is not so convincing   nither the  story itself

Fast and furious 6 : Great movie with great effects. Seen the last  45 mins  . that's enough 4/5

Demolition man : it can be better  called  'two crazies abd a paranoid' . This Stalone  movie is great.A great dose of humor and  violence from the start till its end. I was fully enjjoyed for xtth time watciung it in the greek TV with the same  ensthusiasm when i foirst watched it 25+ years ago . The most imporant laugh was the cultural  schock of John Spartan  ard 35 years after and the  funniest of all of him... knitting ! Even Phoenix the  funny blackie with blonde hair and enjoying his time using funny languge killing people.

Sleeping with others : i cant think onhow  this mivie is done or amde . Is it posible ? A romcom with two hetero frinds  who  started haviung  their first  ever sexual afair   then leaving the one othe other  free while always being as  frinds and a few years later understoond  that they ever were.... bonded by  love! No sex only friends as an old adage says. 

3 days to kill :Drama and action movie together.. Mixin killiing business and family asking his victims  for family help. This yealds to a funny  story with lots of internal conflict to the main character.Obviously the end is predictable but the story is goood enough .

Spy : A very funny spy movie with a quite snart to be femle spy.  Statham seems  raher idiot but Melissa  was Ok> Juse low was the twosisded  bad guy. This  another movie with two crazy  poiicewomen featuring sandra bullock into very humorou scenes and nasty  wording  .

KIngsman /Secret : A  Bond style movies with lots of humor adn craziness and with  extreme if not senseless unreal violence and a lot of waekward  conditions Even the idea ad the plotseems  quite awkward. espvially of cases of otal crazyness happened after  a implanted chip in the neck  .  Too english humor

Uni soldier: Regenaration : very violent  movie with JCVdamme. Van Damme has to  cope against a unsensinge  humanoid beast  ie cyborg that has very high  powers  programmed to be a killing machine.The limitd presence of Lundgren  gies a short  funny note in the film asking for his reality that does not add anything to the plot . Anyway the movie is a presence of a invulneravble cyborg conitinuousl faighting aiganst  soldeirs adn othe older tech cyborgs .The mvie ca get you into craze due to the nature of the extreme  violence .

Renideer games: this movie  roughly reminds me  'pulp fiction' movie. Ben afflek seems the good by of the story who is involved into a lhsteia with other peoplee from the jail for their last trick a  colpo grosso . Mostly a drama move with sad end. though it i suposed as B movie it has a intereting plot with tweits  in the end .

The quest: it was imressive that JCVan Damme was making in nearly the full this movie .Actor  director and  more .A verynice moviw withlots of acton without being violent flmed in any parts of the world with nearly the  half in Thailand(?)nads posoby the last movie of Roger Moore .



An afro    version of NCIS Quite intereting Nothing more 


300  The rise of a empire 
I was impressed with this movie . A movie full of CGI from the start to the end , lyricist wording in some ot its parts and more normal with in cratures than the original mevie  
BUt also :ultraviolent and very cruel , The greeks are shown very  violent there that is not true. The movie is based  on acomic hence the  very dark colours 
xerxes is really as like a puppet  Unknoiwn if atremisia is a real personor just a basic role in the movie > I m sure that parts of the movie are historically untruejust a the orignal writer thoght 
Anyway you cant expct to learn histoiry from  such  movies ! 
3.5/5 graphics 5/5 

'Major movie star' o better  "barbie the soldier "
Seen this movie for secind time in TV after a very long time . The movie is very funny from the start full of gaffs from the main artist in the sats  who as predictably takes the pass as the paid  soldier while finding the meaning of her life. Iwa s really LOLe hard  till the 2/3ths of the movie  that comes into a more serious way though the remain still had some  funy instances. All actors play well .Th emost impressive scene was the time her  girlfrinds  checked the leters bad  eat chocolate as like it was ..penis ! Anyway too american movie with some good mesage.

John Wick withi Keeanu Reeves aired 24.5 the TV channel  statred  usign the R sign then changed it into R15. Mr wick seems as a kind pf superman with very high physical powers and  excellent shotting. Much of exageration  . I awas in the start with him but later canged my poistion  against him. too many killings for nearly no reason . As lieke the latest movies of  Tarantino

Ninja assasin : A movie more hard core than tarantino's spageti killing movies as Kill Bill with inbeleiavebly much  blood spillover Strong  action with varey fast pacing and cotinuous flashbacks it si a kind of movies hat doen require  so much dialogues  as they require a neartly  full choreography for warate (the greek  rendering  of  the wordkarate that means 'Hitting')> regadring  to the older movies of karate i remember of type Bruce Lai (not  the  well known Lee  )  and sames of the 80 era it is totaly  a nonsense movie wit much of CGI very close to a bad mixing of Tarantino and  Marvel type movies.  The worst   mmovie ofthat season is still better than assasin.

This movie is nothingmore than a kind fo sex ad the city in a very poor level , a total mess that was outof control of the wedidng organizer due to problems with the baraid dress and a nighlty route to make it . But her sitcky frinds are terible

Olympus has fallen 
I dont know  if  i  wrote a review.Anyway wathivn ths movie , it sounds great with lots of action. >the  mainactor seems  a bit more as Superman  killing the bad South Coreans who intruded  into the WHite House aimingto start a demolition of USA from theier nuclear rockets and indirectly destabilize the world's eqilibrium

4/5 disregarding  many critical  holes . 

Batman vs superman 

Have seen 40 minutes aftger the start . The movie is rather bad  not suited to chldren as the older movies

Even the  concept behind is bad a very urgly beast made from fires and cryptonite.Men please make mor classical Superman U rated movies as with older times! 


Jupiter  ascending  a very bad and boring scifi movie tough ther was muvh of action and stunning effects and landscapes. The wakward  beasts and  the bad pince tired me well.he only god point is that there was a love between the two main actors adn some  community who 'suported' the team.  

Harry and Meghan : it is like calling that life as a dream . Supposing that it copies the real story of the couple ,it is a limited  time soap pera  of the couple though relatively simple leaving too much out of the story  . Anyone can call this movie impressive Me too if ican thik that emotionaly   .Verey predictable  story not complex  plot  with some  relatively   intense twists   . It is really difcult for the palace to acept a comoner how more that  the comoner is a very active divorced actor.
Emaotional rating  4/5  -  crtical rating   2.5-3/5 

Accompanied in the price wedding dateAccompanied in the price wedding date

Leon : LUc beson  is vwellknown  foer his overactive  movies with a leading character. tis movcie has two main characertere  Mr Leon a solitude man  abd pro kille and a young chuld arond 12 yers old who wants to kill her family killers   met together after she lost her family wanting to have vengence and learn the act of killing  . Movie gieves also some lesson or message
4/5 Much better than  the KIte below whci has the same concept.

The Host : though it was toolate (around 2 monring ) i decided to  watch this movie with a bit of dificulty . the spirts  that were insreted intpo te human bodies were at mos very good. One of the host bodies ie the main actor had too strong self confiodence that overown the spirit and lived together with it. It was rather funny to me to see that the 'searcher' ,how is called,  insrtad of behaving well  as most  hosted persons ,to behave badly tryng to dominate the while world. 
Past and very high tech together. 

KIte : based in a marvel type comics the movie shows a very cruel adolescent girl which acts as a killing machine . I didnt likethis movie because fist the colours are teribly dark , the plot is poor ,  there is much action (good), dialogues are not so convincing adn any way the  little  female is totaly unsensitive. Colombiana anyway is better if not much better! It is bad  that a so young child became a so lethal warrior for nearly no reason.
"Tiring cruelty "


Brick mansions St2304

Once again with Luc Beson in a more than fast pacing movie and a bom which is not ..bomb excpt  a scam  as provided by the local government  with a twited reality.


Udisputed st2404

Seen this movie at least once again  . Sevelral  poeple arested ina a high grade jails somewhere  in the US ?? for tai  boxing fights and wrestling.A russian and a blackman are involved in a uncommon feindship whre frindship is rather taboo. The 'loser' then  wins the fight   


The Condemned 2 st2504

A  rich TV perpsona collectes themost dangerous arested  persosn  from various jails in the  world for a 36 hour feight in a local  tropical island one of them has artillery help from the producer. How that will go ? 

The movie is very cruel  same as with the expendables 2 though not  disgusting Anyway in the end someone will takover this cruel game and ...  Just watch the movie 


Oblivion St2604
"Its another [magnificent ]day in paradise "
Yes it is true.IN a paradise as masterred  by a supecomputer that leasds on a hiararhy of drones zillionsof clones of a technician and a ecosstem all controlled by this supersystem . Luckily this technician being in a oblivion from his past diclosed himself from his faint memmories the  reality  behind hat, totaly  wrong present.
Tom  cruise is still very handsome in his  pre60 age. Story is rather slow and boring  in the start but as memoeries and information unveils  the story becomes even and even more intetresting . A scifi movie of the future  that can movie you. 

The call -E 20.4
the day of maijuana brrr
This is a very cruel thriller movie that borders to horror  > the man is  a gardp psyched person who ... not even  to notice.  a yong gil qas kindnapped  by him and she caries her into his car's bagage room. Will she escpe  from him and his nearly satanic ideas? Hally berr fgromthe 911 tried to assist her psychologically   and  find her as son as posilbe INteresting twists  with rather abrupt tough expected result/ end. No visual tricks
MPAA rating R , chanels R15  rate 4.5

Perdattors 2. star19.4
I dont remember how the first was but this movie is rather 15+ rated  / Tere are several scnes with broken arms . Theser cruel guys and one girl  are landed in another planet   whre thery have to do a  killing  game. I stoped wathivn thismovie from the 30th minute as it was too disgusting  in soveral   scenes

Homefront  Star18.4
Jason statham is always a great action actor . This movie is as like areal story whitout so many visual tricks and nearly down to earth inonstrast  to the others  he played as  transporter or .. As aformer DEA cop he wantsto live a calm life and changnes his residence in  a rather calm [?] city where some peoel from his pervious life appear and buly him and by ?? his son .

She s funny that way E17.4
I was quite boring to see a sea movie on sgtar while tryn to settle something the same time  i ahve seen this colmedy from mnearly its start. THis is a mvie whre hell broken loose is the best way to describe it. A youg girl adn former call girl is acepted from the  comitee  to repst in a treatre play as ... call girl. not moonthe story except that  neayl all cahracters are involved in a multiple 'love polygon'  hat gets into nothing !But fnally ...
I was lauging from the start of the movie

Run all night Star16.4
A movie that i have seen one year ago again from that TV channel with neeson . A cop  in betwen othe coreupted cops must protect his son from a bad situation adn his mates. Movie is quite good full of action with some moral

Two movies of the same plot  philophy but with  difernt sex: 

War with jet lee and J Stathem : This movie has some intersting twists in the end> Both actors play great and themovie is endless action  from start to end gthat stil not kames me feel  bored.  This is a war between  two big japanese gansgs in a american city with a phantom person (Jet Lee ) trigering  this war. 



THis is the opposite sex version , aired the next day. A young girl is fiercy agaisnt a big gang who  killed her parents wantes to get vengeance against them dong that several years later as a phantom .Interesting plot , the woman has good play, Film of the msyterious feminist  Luc Besson  with seemingly  nearly  minimal photo  tricks  though idea seems somehow exagerated as with Lucy and posibly Nikita . 


Xmen last stand 

The final instalement of Xmen ? I dont know. One movie full with CGI and film trikcs that reminds 'magics'  as they mhgt be called by a relgion believer.  Food for thought  for any wroiter who is interested in superman-ic tricks that posibly awere used in other movies ??What is totaly unbelievable tome is the serum that reverts them to humans. 


Thogh too long to watch this moviee i was just reminded in my  brain . A  movie with very good prodiction an excellent  graphics for the time it was played in the muliplexes Story follow the archtypal  plot of "dancving with wolves' (no watched but can understand the plot ) that shows that humankind can be more beasty and barbaric eve from  the most anrgy beasts
A state of art movie  that can move you strongly on the human unfairness.
6/5 for the plot 8/5 for  CGI
Sorry  any other  ratings are too poor fo this movie 

Wanted : 
sutpid irrational  and insane movie based on comix series  . Too much  action not to say nearly horor with too much blood in the most part>Plot however has severeal interesting twists as it is not  exactly what you think. The funiest of all is the rotating bullets.

From paris with love 
interfetina  and a bit funny movie travolta is totaly changed as like bruce weills with hairless head in a  CIA  type role > A mvie with many twists and a bad end >Quite enjoy ful movie 

Die hard 4.0
4.0  is rather  funy descriptio for a diehard movie > I dudnt know that  diehad means stuborn untill i looked manytimes in my dict. theoriginal title here  was evere as  'too hard to die ' 
In this  mov ie Bruce  is involved in fnding asoolution  to copw with a gang with a fiormer defense dept crisis manaager who then changed his position and trying to ..  for the money > Mvie is now with good Fx un a nearly impossible situation adn a nerly total leceelcriciut armagedon . would he win the bad people ? 

Unbroken /First air on star channel 29/3 
A movie of  angelina jolie with  a bio story of the WWII Quiteling but quite interesting. An victorious olymics runer was saluted by Hitler for his speed but later  has been  arestd by japanese after being alone with his freind for 70 days in the sea . NIce movie very gogod pictures and a craxy  japanese  general who tortured the runer all the time he was in that 'jail'  

Exodus gods and kings
A remake of older stories or films  on  Moses ' life posslby based on Bible. Also quite long with ereernce on how MOses the cousin of the King Ramsey undersstood he value  for the Jews and made the exodus . The storyis well known . I found the story quite boring in  the start tghough beofe the mid it started to be more interesting >Thereare sevral visual rtricks on that and made meimpress that the God was shown to Moses as a young child. I m unsure if He appeared  as child  

Non stop or better : Recurring 
Liam Neeson is a a great actor in genaral  mvies  many  of them as  action movies as this one  . Someone uses his identity to put the spresponsibilty to him as a  airplane attack .A movie with inumeable twists  and  neeson  trying to find the responsibles  for making  this atack and 'take back' his life.
4.5/5 fo the twits

The theoryof everything {steven hawkigs}
A bio movie for  Steven Hawkings fromthe tim he was in  hte univerity , his diploma and his ilfe . gohugh in the srt it was focused in  his degreess  adn his maladie te story then  focuses isnto his maladie and his family life . 
I ma impressed on how the main actor was excelletl convincing as the real Hawkins. I thionk this is a very diffcult role Alsoi im really impressed  that his wife was staeadily behind him even she knew that  he had limited lifespan togh he lived much more. A good pradigm for some who left themselves off...even if sometime later he divorced his wife  and changed his life with another. 
Notice that  recently steven is cndemned by a priest here in greece for his 'atheist standing'.

The green mile /some musings
Steven king i oneof the most famous horor novelits as I . .Just humor . Still none know me so far because  everthing is still in draft.
This movie is posibly one of King's  most famous movies so far here in Greece .A very long movie of ca 3 hours plus 1 hr! adverts that not only impressd me very much much was also moved and turned into tears by the oblogatory  death of the 'beast man' and miraclemaker  with the childy heart. Star channel aired it for the  zilionist time  and was my  only oportunity to watch  it in full.  I slept then  on ...3  morning! 
Definitely  5/5

Evan  almightly 
As the sequel of Buece almightly i can think it can be a sacrilegious story comparing to the NOah's original story hence i can provide a -10 out of 5.
Thinking it very lightly   as a fun movie ,it is titaly ridiculous making me laghing form the start to the end of it even the selection  of a black God (though very good actor) gives an  even more ridiculoous note not to mention sacrilgious note to the story . Even funnier is the idea of using for dummies guide (lol) of making an ark is totaly cazy and hilarious . but the final idea of making an ark tha stops  in front of the capitol /white house for a very short  route of less than 20 miles (???) inside the city is really extremely  much for nothing even for stoping a federal  law. 
Laugh wise:OK 
Logic wise : much below zero My money back please! Hmmm i have sen that in TV !

Lino: Uma Aventura de Sete Vidas (2017) watched on cinema on 17.3

Greek title :The cat spell 

A movie from Brazil with stupid story . My daughter is quite fond of this movie though myself not so much . The prodicer are quite craazy  as the whole plot and story . The first part of  the movie is qujite  depressing with a virtual peson living as enteiteriner in a children parties wearing  a cat dress  who wats to change his totaly miserous life  living in a contuinous depresed  life and always with  bad luck..After tryinging to find the happiness he was involved into a  strong  action with rcrazy  drive that invcolves stupid crazy  characters.

Everything in the movie is quite crazy suitable only  to children with much action and some crazy magic  . Any parent  will consider  it quite to very bad movie. The end is just interesting and happy. Just consider that there is not  any review in imdb and rated 6.3/10 by 73  users till March 17  . The comapny has released  many more that i hope are better.

It is  better  not to  watch this crazy movie  2/5 

Drive angry 
I disagree   for the quality of the movie Thoufgh full of action it makes me sick of having to watch a movie  with satanists and some fiction that  involves live ghosts and overpowered 'people'. This  was the only of intetest at this   time  to watch . Movie that  gets into horror level with its cruel-ness  ven for less than ten minutes of play !

Another  movie with lots of action  from the start to the end. the movie is  very interesting  ,a  secret peson who aftger not doing what he is destined was the target of his customers /managers. Many interesting twists discosures  and a moral Worth of watching.


A romantic movie wth lots of humor and sarcasm . A guy at  student age is still watcing porn movies wile having an affair with a romantic girl. But..  

The movie is rather indiferent at most of the time but near the end gets moreinteresting r.Though rated as R by MPAA,  the greek  TV channel put the R15  that i think suits better to movie . Apparently for YA audience. 

Actually Afrind of me died  withut having an affair with women neither sex at the age of 52.

Red  Dawn 

Story on a Very bad premise . Koreans invade the USA .How can this be possbile ?The movie has enough action madey a group of teenagers who started  a rebel war against then local  Korean city  management. A bit boring movie 

2/5 based on the   false premise .BAsed  on a older movie wth Patrick Swayze (wth russians)

Bulet to the head 

Teh movie is quite fun and full of action . The raltionship bettween Stallone  and the Korean cop is even more as like children being in war though they are olbliged to have a mutual aim The end is even more interesting !


Walk of same

Good comedyA blonde newscaster once felt  badluck  in herr trial  in a TV chanel has gine out with her fnds to makeher better  from this small tragedy.sudenl  shelefthe  houseof her nw  boyfrend that turned into a road walk adventure.  

The movie is very fun   based  on apromise that she sposedly smart ,acted exactly as  the blonde of jokes! most actors are  one man comic show as  iread in the imdb page.i waswell entertained with that. 


Cranck 2 : high voltage   
One of the mosst stpd movies i have ever seen. Statham reminded  me  Trasporter 2  made by Besson acting as like a superhero. Frenzy action with frenzy or even cartoonistic colour and motion efects that can irritate the viewers  eyes. The end is even more  silly
Sad to spend my time watching it. I have been wating for the program after  the movie a cooking  competition that turned into  a intrigue soap opera !(and it is quite fun  indeed ) .

A humorous story with a rather crazy and depressed Hugh Grant in the role of to be scenario teacher  in a public  school nearby NY He was a seceanrio writer  whose old movie was a big hit several years ago but his other movies  were a total disasster.  Many instances can make you laugh though  the movie is not  purely a comedy.  Just a little bit of romance mixed with funny instancesescially with  the very phlegmatic female senond head of the school  who wanted to fire him due to bad  attitude inte school.

The man with the mental  fist 

Amovie typical of Tarantino's irrattionality. Lookin' at the  trailer I thoght  that it was amovie like  the Crouching tiger  i was  teribly disapointed.Tarantino uses his formula to direct and design a movie with aesthetic similar to his other spagetti  movies this time adapted  to a kung fu movie somewhere  in Chine. Gongfu is a style of movies i liked when i was young but stil  like to watch This movie  however  is added with unncessasary  blood  and exteme  violence that reminds me Machete movies  ., Good karate choreography a bit of superpowers and disclosed  identities of the characters on the end of the  movie. Everytng other is a total  garabage of  poor plot and senario..There are too many characters  in this story that can confuse someone.

My full Congratulations to Quentin 1.5 /5

The man  from UNCLE

Humoristic movie satring the classical spy movies >Ihave not so mucht to write  about it except that i enjoyed most of it  while after  the 3/4  of the movie startst to be boring . In the end we learn that the  3 member  group is named  as UNCLE. Many twists adn the supposed mmber  to  take (theowman )was actually expecting them and  desgined to go against them thesame happeneed with  the two heroes of the movie

Paddington 2-[cinemas]
After strong  insistence from  my family we finaly decided  to watch this movie after a vey long visit to cinema  at least 2 years.
OUr final decision  was   from the imdb rating and the trailer as  shown inthe cinema's webage embedded from youtube in very bad quality making me suppose that  the movie was a wholly CGI production. In contrast i was impressed that it follows the Suart litle idea of CGI mixed reality. Very good
Logically mentioning,  watching  a bear behaving as human is very fun as it  happens   with many other family  movies .BUt just remember it is orieinted to children of all ages .A flawy and naive young bear that coresponds  to a boy of around  10 years of  age lives into a small dstrict of London beloved by anyone, except a neighbour .Hugh Grant however is the movies' bad person in rather  caricature format  or acting just as a clown. He makes you easily  hate him..Other minor but important roles as the people in the jail are quite fun and the marmelade idea which changes it all .  Even funier  are the after end snippets  with Hugh Grant in  ...(just  try to watch the movie! )
Relatively long movie of 145 minutes , good and relatively complex  plot,, many twists and a happy 'unexpected' end. I could easily  expect it as most of the twists. Many  funny but also touching emotional moments.and a good moral. As we say here if you are a good person and do the good, the good will return back to you.
My daughter adored it, my wife 'loved' it-she can't express herself-  and I liked it well . Good experience!

 Face /off

As a lover of actio  movies Injoyed  very much ths 2+hours movie  directedbyJohn Woo leving my sleep for later . BOth Ttravolta and Cage play very well and mimic the one the other  after the ' face change 'in a very beliavable way while i loughed well in many instances with their funny attitude and the cange of  both's ife   . Full of  action from the start while there were some drama scenes mixed with action.Result however was predictable and typical:the good wins the bad and the face is returned.

*I love you Philip  MOrris t; Hmm a heretical Jim Carey in  a gay story with a really  crazy man  doing anything he can the  Carey way to suport his  love who is really a blonde ....man . I was thought  that the movie could be  smoking related as Philip MOrris directly   relates  to me  with the well known cigarete brand .The hero is really  too crazy  fnding holes in the legal  system  and includes several aminutes  of some drama trying  to drag once gain  the atention of his divorced  frind an a  very complex way to   deceive  so many people by showing he has a very severe disease  just one step before dying. 3/5 I hope that you get wat i say!Crazy movie crazy writing here

*My  frinds girldfriend 3/5 spoiler

A romantic comedy with lots of gags and funny instances. A pervert  man - this is his job-  frind of a porn movie lover but also romatic person agrees  to make   girlfrind   of the secoond  push her  back to him  by showg a bery  bad attitude to her  . Finally he (the pervert )  gets in love wih her but tries to revert the situation by beingg again pervert in 12 steps and then .. .Quite predictable movie too shallow meanings but very enterntaining. HUmor and fnny  conditions are a good reason to watch the movie. Guess  whats hapenig with his romantic  friend ...Big surprise!

*Filthy  from Scotland: a movie that desevres no reason fore someone to watch.A corrupted co who only speaks filthy ,makes sex  with various women including his wife and visits his psych doc I watched thehafmovie  ans stoped to get for sleep Surely0/5 

----A series  of movies fom St. Seagull 

*Blood Alley Steven Seagull is a very stiff  cop and rude backgrond story stopping criminals in a flesh and orgrans trade.Quite old  this time 3/5 

*Violence of action :next part of the movie series of Seagull with nonstop action whle looking to kill his enemies  NOthing special as the prevous i suppose blood alley and continues .... 3/5

Vengeance is mine 

the asembly of Kaynes group and the recruitting  special fighters 


Dead drop 

...looking to  finda bomb and introcucing a previous love of the MC Eliza Kayne raltively nice woman at her 40s who is arested  in the next part. 


one shot one live 

..and  finally his group  dissolvied after being disclosed by the  police (amogn the remain story that  some of the baddies were killed by them with the bomb being actually two bombs  that were then lost-stolen by the chiefof the baddies.Have seen the last 30 minutes only to comment on that.iwas  in schoolmate party the remain time.

3/5 more interesting  part.

All  parts of the seriess stop very abruply. It's very  annoying  . Thus ic an suppose this is a TV  instead of  cinema serial.  



Please read my very long review here


Wonderful scitech movie  that seems having good background tat seems quite realizable inmostofitsparts and with much emotional features  from his characters . Ilked the coputers to think as real humans with itshumor and sarcasm. evn unny was th thoery  of the bee-nest   that forwarded  the spaceship into the  time and the other universe>Theonlyididntlike was  the verylengt story of 3 hours


resident evil :retribution.

I ifnaly watached themovie in itsnr full length>Mila is wonderful  in her semihuman role tojoine the other opeple and gettingina a continuous confrontation with the everh changing  'visual' envnironment and also coping with a bad beast The  chick war on te end of the movie was  the most entertaining a scene that was deep in my mind from the previosu time  i have watched it.


Taken 3 

In contrast to  Lucy ,Besson now renimburses me  with a good action movie. Very fast pacing withi intrigue and an d good actor Leeam Nesson coping against th epolice and the bad russian guys . The movie at about 100+ minutes stll seems very condensed wth  some fast forward scenes  that explain some mysteries  of previous  action previosly shown . Still unrealistic as Lucy it shows the main character to  be  bit of Superman who  can cope even the impossible


Dear John 

Sometimes  beautiful and realistic  movies as this make you remember the values of  life and love . A love drama that makes yo womder which is more important love  or country wealth? The boy prefered his country wealth losing his girl who prefered to suport a autistic  boy  and his father.Amanda shines with her beauty and is very natural. Nevertheless these wars are made from USA agaisnt  the USA using various countries as 'middlemen' . 


The spirit

Black movie   bad story .very low pace that mades me ...sleep ! a sense of full  nonsense 



Crazy movie wth twoguys coping and cooping  agaisnt a cartel of drug  circulators.These two are unbeliavables .inthe mddle anice girl who is the  lover of both .. nothingmore 


Margin Call 

In terms of  action is totally slow.The story is supposed to move fast but this was too slow.I know the problems that happened in WS but i m sure the reltity would be faster than it.


This  means ....war !

Very crazy movie 

rating :lol 

Iron  sky 

A  very sarcastic move of the Fuhrer folwers living in the moon ready to ...dominate our world with  their ...ancient  technology and the remain caractes of the mobie mosty humilating themselves in an unnatural an verys tupid   humor  .That movie mames me LOLing with its awkwardenss   .Too unnatural.




The 33 souls

Based  ia true story the movie shows the life of 33 miners enclosed in the earth for 86 days and the fight of the goverent person with the time  to save them.In the end there was  a small tribute to the real miners and their afterlife.

A wnderful  and very moving movie as tribute for this miracoulous endeavor 

More than15year since i have seen Kate de Castillo since the series 'La Mentira' the time latin soap operas telenovelas were aired in the greek TV on the first half of 21th century. Mentira was among   the best  series in terms of  story quality of those aired,not to mention Usurpadora as second.

Defnitely 5/5 

Nowing with Nick Cage 

This mystery  story starts  quite slow paced but the interest goes towards  the end when the earth goes into destruction .some little  action and an impressive backgroumd :Sun will destroy  the warth very soon and a notice writenfrom  ynggirl intexsholl that shows the key for that 


Mercury rising 

2/5 the movie  is good with its action but after  that the innerdialogue of Mila's   makes that VERY  boring. i could prefer ifthe author broken the movie intor two parts 

Get hard 

(deliberate word errors)

The funny with the TVhannel  is that he moviewas rated  in the start  as U and then changed twice towads  R15 .The movie gets quite  ridiculous fo no  reason as for examle a knife in the head or  the full instance of  using bad language as a way tohelp  the loser  (the main author, an idiot though a sucessful money player) 'feel the torture' and on how to behave with the bad people  when he will reach  in the jail after his father in law comited him for money abuse      .Story twists  are the only intesting of the movie. 

Movie is unnaturally  idiot as the main characters My condolescences to them and the writer writing such rubish.Huh


Wolf of Wall Street / Rogue trader 

two movies of parallel stories 

1. WWS :Scorcese and  DiCaprio guaraantee this movie. As with the greek moie"god is hef?" this brillant movie iis o fun without be marked as comedy.There are many fun attitudes and gags between  the crazy charactes of the gangthat mak you laugh loud.Dicaprio plays it well without  overacting .It i  sad however that a so billant mind as the real person Bellford to be a drug addict. 

Definitely 4/5  adn bitten  as we call that in Greece!

2.Rogue Trader :In contast  to the 'conedy' movie ithsis a drama story of a  money graber ofsamecatergory as  Belford who set his bank to default Tis  story is 90% close to the Belford'.and all of that because of his bad policy.it is very sad that  some poeple dot undestnd when to desist their business in favour to another work ...



Several well known actors(I  know Hayek and Travolta) played in a quite complex plot   with two  differet ends the ideal and the 'real' .Quite cruel especically from   the gangmaster  of  Hayek with much of blood for no reason thoug savages  is refered to the two main boys by that man. Full of action and drama as narrated  by the female co-protag. 

3.5/5 as story  2/5 as result.

In servng his Majesty / God serve Britania /Asterix in Britain 

French Engish and greek  titles together respectively !

This movie is ludicrous,  a  remix between  Asterix  In Britain ,Asteric and Nosrks (Nomandy), with lots of very  spicy satire Spicy as a whole habanero pepper .

The normands  are shown as idiots just looking to learn the  fear It happmned to them after a very phlegmatic housemaid was in   .  Brritain of 50 BC is with the  british   etiquete and total indifference except the personal agenda , homosexuality  ,  the phlegmatic  english way of thinking and even  the 20th century logic on fashion on clothing rock n roll ,guitars drums   ,buses , skinheads .and  fnally Julius Ceasar who lost everything and returned dack  to his hishomeland humbled after asterix learnt the British drinikin' ...tea!

This  movie is a culture and time blender! M sure that Both Gosciny  and Uderzo could condemn the  scripter for  this sacrilegious  scenario.

Tip:Take this movie very light or you will hate it ! 


Disconect :

At the start of the movie till the middle i was  rather dissappointed  watchng it casually  but as the movie got to the end  i felt rather movied . It is  a mixup of 3 stories of people inviolved in duscussions in  chat rooms . A nearly divorced woman  chating with someone while her husbands card and other suposedly financial data was stolen .Two young guys made fun with an  emo in the  same class. A journalist interviewed a youngman of  sexual chatroms . What happens next?

Definitely  a movie for anyone invlved  in the net . This is a very good warning 

Very bad that the movie was rated R15 due to profanity Iang I m sure that the scenario more refined coul be rated to U

5 /5 

 This means war! 3.5/5 

An undexpectedly fun movie Iwas  laghing from te start of  the movie until its end. BOth  actors get into  war for a woman Reeze Wwitherspoon while  fiding a high level gansgster.then it s upon  to her to decide whom wll selact. Reeze  seems  a bt older than the male actors and seems  as  Cameron Diaz of a    MI type comical action  movie story has also a last twist  on the end. 

Iron sky  (?) 3/5

The  movie is a finnish  with low budget   as  shown in the start of the movie . I was  rally loughed very deeply from the start to the end of the movie that was ony a bit serious on the end .  This seems as like  comic parody of scifi movies.  I was  fascinated  that  this so low  budget (just with the help of CGi) made the  movi sound as like a 100m prduction wth very nice spaceships and a vey  anachronistic tech of the  Nazi spaceships as the 'ancient' Zeppelin. The sexy frau is really not so nice . Mr Washington was very funny as arian.  Even the dscssions in te UN were very  enjoyable looking at quarels or sapeaking as  like being [c]lo[o]se frinds . Watch it and make and take it very light.  

We own the night 4.5/5 

the move s  melodrama  with  crime   action and sentiments.  A man working ona bar (how are called )  where his boss and boss son  are involved in drug trafic. Meanwhile man's bother anf father are policemen and ar inlvoved in the chase of the drug tafficerks and their  mainbosses .   Yhe  story seems perttygood and i liked it. The only problem is that the TVchannel posibly removed the titles on the start of the movie . it 's possible that the  info titles  were on the end of the movie. Tough i addjusted the reording with 15more minutes from the  predetermimed time , the mov was  atlast 5 monutes longer than i expected... 

Family weekend 2/5 

The movie started  very awfully  tough near the end  it went smoth and quite better . a totally  brken family  is reunited  after the abrupt and rather criminal action of the daughter Not so comical as it suposed to be  neither for children due to bad language. 

Johny English 4/5 

Mr Bean in excceptionally  funny movie . Rowan  atkisnon is expert  in ridiculing himself and this movie shows the same thogh as spy for MI5 makes you pass your watching  time always ROTFLing . For all family thogh   it was rated PG by the channel .

Knowing 3/5 

On 70s a young scholar  insted of making a  drawing as required by the  teacher  head some voices that  lead her to  wite a mysterious numerical  code . 20-30year later a professor tried sucesfully to decode that the yeld into a series of  tragical results :what is that ?  thogh iti is an action movie i prefered  the last 10 minutes that reimbursed my time  with a really  giga disaster

Intersection  ?/5

this movie has been watched in its last half but cant be well understood unless you watch from the start . anyway it is quite complex and for the moment i tooght  that the women were the 'good guys' of the story.

Cobra 3/5 

One very aggresive  movie full of action  that highens your adrenaline  to zenith . After watching it i could not  sleep !! Stallone is very good to demolish a big gang of more than 35 persons to protect  the nice model from death.  (Brigite Nielsen ) 


Source Code.  4/5 

Just 8 minutes  in a  parallel space  as avatar  on a crossfiction and reality to protect fom a bombign on  a train. THis 8 minute  experiment has been made several times untill .. 

Impressive scenario fction and reality  go together.

Mummy Dragon
A movie wih impressive graphics full of action and good plot. what ididnt understand is on how the emperor 's supenatural power degraded by the  time and was  as a typical  chinese warrior tby the end ,or i m missing something ? for example
Jet Li  once in a bad role !

Corelli's mandolin
An excellent movie I didnt know that it was a book untill my wife told me. A romantic story during the time of the 2nd war.Beautiful text as a real masterpiece and  hot moving story
5/5 realy  a masterpiece

I already have seen the Dhoom an indian movie aoubt 6 years ago and expected something really similar to it.Iwas totayl dissapointed that this  movie was a fiction horror with  human[?] beasts and crazy scientists killing themselves an anatomic medicine.

Baby's day out!
Ludicrus  but very funny  movie for all family that made my daughter laugh a lot   . It  is rated  here .OUt of logic was the  fall of the  bad people from the building without breaking ...their bones !Too cartoony
3/5 for the story 1/5 that  ??the logc

Resident Evil /Affinity
Here are sure many parts of this story  and our national TV chanel has only this part. Nice story  with intersting plot  and stunning graphics except the  bit disgusting ?? out of vilains moth in the end of the movie. Also nice girls

Can a storng actio nstory tame wih literary like interanal dialogue ?Surely not. This movie starting  full of action get in itsialst 15 miutes wih rather  boring self talk for the move standards. Mila sond very good in this movie As  Vee a killing machine in tis movie  is nvloved wi  the chase of a boy adn then  feels  very  motherly  on the end ina ttaly Marvel standards scene and colour  background  . Dont thin that this movie is a cartoon . It si jst the??? .
Acton 4/5 full of cheesy language stll ethe last 15 minutes
3.5  for all story

The mechanic  . 4/5

Interesting slow motion movie  in the start  and rather faster motion afer the middle of the movie. It could be better called 'the  vengeance' as most of the 1/3 th shown the fight of Statham with this counterpart against his boss . The funniest part was the killing of a so called savior as the  final scene of his counter part trying to fight his boss but follows his trap.

Trapped 4/5 ( Charlize Theron )

Very interesting and shocking psych thriller story of a woman with a diseased child trapped into the hands of a man wanting a vengeance for the death of his child caused by Theron's husband who is doctor  . But he failed to  gt it after her  husband took the story into his hands  Theron shows very young in this movie not older than 25. 


1) 'A rather bad movie using good actors as Banederas and Hayek into a full gun killing movie.  ' a mean level human critic
2) 'fun and enjoyful movie from the expert  of making B movies of spaghetti action' a Tatantula way thinking man.
Just select  the best response. 

The best offer

One of the best movies seems this period. rather difficult to describe my feelings after seeing , this made feel me rather shocked wit the end of the story . A young and seemingly rich woman who was living into a room for more than 15 years  suddenly after a  old man loved her transforms into a  deceiver who forget immediately her lover's love?
A  rather unusual female  robot advised  this man that this girl has left her house for more times than he  visited This point  is something that none could discuss   in the imdb  reviews listing.
Hitchcock type psych thriller 

The net 2.0

This story is clearly based in the Net of Sandra Bullock filmed abot 10+  years ago but is not a sequel. . Period. The new story is even more complex  than the original and requires you to watch from  the start or you will lose much of it . A mixture of  full action , suspense , psych thriller and a bit of matrix. Definitely worth if watching for  its action although it could sound quite overwhelming for other aspects including the rather computer illiterate IT  consultant using hotmail to read her emails and the sudden cut off of her money the time she was on the airplane . The IT goofs  to what the story is supposed downgrade it much.
Also did nt forget that it has been  filmed in Instabul the well known once capital of Byzantine  . It gives  aa excellent setting for the movie although it is underrated in favour of the story.
And  surely wait for sequel! 
plot : 7    action:10 setting : 10 goofs : many
3/5 It could be better if the director could care more on the  story situation and the ingredients involved



Connors war 

A thiller movie  with lot of action but no humor as  with Bruce Willis. and OK movie for late hours with some psychedelic effects .Coonor finds himself after  blinded in a clash against gangster team  that his boss was really a  traitor

Elephant white
A movi produced in my 'teritories' namely  Tailand , Wached it after the middle and lost important part and  understood that the scenario is rather complex so  i 'lost in the translation'from the part i have not wtched  .  A  macho negrito  involved in assasinations etc  has a ally who is also his  envy working for a gang of  human traffic and prostitution, ie  mainly  girls.  A 'ghost' helped him  to save these  girls ...

Two drivers stop a  driverless train form its crazy route on the lines of USA afer  numerous unsucessful attempts from the management  to stop it . Based in a true story .
Excellent movie with very  fast pacing and very fast holo camera movements  . it surely can  cause epilepsy to some viewers.

An excellent movie . A romance story mixed with the  end of Pompeii  under the burst of the nearby  volcano 4/5

 The fifth element

A ridiculously funny movie watched in a local  TV channel of our city. Bruce Willis  was a relatively funny actor but most of the paradise inhabitants were a bit of gay making the movie really ridiculous/ seems as  a parody and insult to Starwars
Fun: 5/5

Pope Joan: 

a huge  movie of atleast  2 hours palyed during the greek  Holy week in a  nationalwide TVchannel. I liked to see this movie as the story is quite provocative It is unknown  if this is a real story or just a fable as  VAtican  wants us to know. thogh story is very interesting the setting or the  filming was  rather bad ie noninsistent that made me rather indiferent.
Story 4.5 filming etc 2.5

Chocolat : 

nice to seethis movie though more than 10 years later . a greek series  is based in this movie . As with Pope Joan this story  seems also provocative. This woman has come into a very conservative village selling chocolats  the  time the poeple fastened for the Easter. The mayor is over conservative  to the level that he guided  the young priest for the preach. this si the only point that made me laugh. How can a  mayor  do this?
Very intereting  story , good actors , flat result
3/5  for this reason

Barbie  spy quad.  

One of the  latest movies Mattel  mainly aimed for  young  girls to merchandise their new dollies  .
Barbie now  has  a new look comparing to the lolder  movies such as face etc .
This is a  hilgh action movie  with more than  the real  acrobatics with  all the girsls sounding a bit of  superheroes,  . Also  lots of  CGI generated   high tech /futiristic  gadgets and  two  robot   pets.
I feel she is as  like a female Bruce Williams  or James Bondwith some  humor especially in the start of the movie .
The story seems not so original though  there is some predictable subversion  in the middle. The scenario is rather poor and has many holes. .
The moral  is nearly the same in all barbie's  movies : groups work better than individuals.

Spy kids 

Can someone deem this movie for kids though it has been produced  with kids?  for me not.unless  you set it to 15 and over . the puppies are disgusting so i hate them. As i have seen mr Very Beautyful(Mr Machette ) i can think this comes fromm the same insane producer /senariowriter as with Machete . it is very sad that Klooney  and Banderas played in this funny and idiot movie

Shaun  the sheep (series!)

It is one of the  funniest   children serie s with the nicest scenarios  that can be loved also by parents. Shaun is an very clever  sheep that likes  sometimes  to fix many  problems with his mates and sometimes cheat the rather stupid dog.I thin that still hte farmer is  more  stupid than Shaun.
A funny  , intelligent and subversive series . KUdos  to the British producers!
TYhe only  i dont know  is if this was pro0duced with  puppets or it is GCI

Garfield(series )

And another series with nice and clever stories as Shaun. I know  him more than 30 years ago . As with other series of ih s time  Garfield series  is made wirth CGI . Nothing other to notice except that i like his humorous  stories and the good CGI .

Watching the older movie of Machete 1, the machete kills seems of having nearly the same plot. The story has the same style with the first i.e.  very excessive killings  and broken legs hands and the same  over and over again , giving a surely  disgusting result as the umbrella  watch , though this sequel is more fun . Apparently removing the disgusting umbrella the movie s quite fun. 
  • Verdict from serious level 2/5
  • Verdict from the fun level 3/5

The first of movies I have seen from the new start of ERT on 11.6.15  featuring Emil Kusturica in a small island of Greece featuring a pelican who made up himself a tourist attraction in this island,after  being resurrected in the hands of a young buy  .The movie is very nice with excellent  pictures and  landscapes adn with a nice plot. The only bad is that the production all actors are Franch and not Greek

Verdict 4/5

Barbie  the princess power  (15)

This is possibly the last movie from the  Mattel company as for June 15 which was aired from the  nationwide  TV channel Star in greek language in two parts.  The movie was too funny in the fifst part  making us , me and my daughter  laugh a lot , but the second part aired the next day   was  more serious as it was the problem Barbie coped with  the bad guy of the story. Seems  quite 'naive' story
Verdict : 3/5 

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